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ConnectingTC is a online platform for Corporate Trainers and Coaches to showcase their expertise, knowledge, skill set and experience. And for potential corporate clients to find, evaluate and connect with them.
We are a bunch of passionate trainers and coaches who happened to work for the largest job portal in Asia before.
Although we are passionate about training, learning, coaching and sharing our knowledge, skill set and experience with others, we find it very difficult for this profession to flourish. Let’s face it, we may be an expert in our topic, not all of us are expert in marketing and have limited access to corporate personnel directly. Training companies don’t train, trainers train! Coaching companies don’t coach, coaches coach! The value comes from you individually and we believe that the corporate personnel want to seek you directly rather than going through a middle person.
Build your profile, list down your training topic and outline, your coaching area, your experience, publication, etc. The more content you provide, the higher chances that client are able to find you as we use a search engine to identify key words in your information provided. We will also actively use your content to market you through featuring on our main page, blog and our social media channel.
No! Once client connect with you, its yours and yours only. We do not get involve in the negotiation, transaction and pricing you quote to the client. We are not a training or coaching providers.
Corporate HR, L&D personnel, executive, etc. We are working hard to promote this site to all the corporates in Malaysia and have tie up with key association and bodies to mass market it. We will provide the information of who we tie up with, who use our site exclusively for their needs and endorsement from key bodies on our main page.
Corporate client has two way to find you: 1. Search through the listing by selecting their criteria, topic, trainer experience, language spoken, location, program, etc. Once identify the right fit, they will connect with you. 2. Contact our consultant with their requirement and we will recommend relevant trainer and/or coaches for them to select and they will connect with you directly.
They will evaluate based on your expertise, background information, your offering, and experience. It is important you fill up the information as much as you can. Our job is to bring those clients here and find you.
There will be “Connect With Me” button in your profile and an email will be send to you that a potential client is interested in you.
Under you account, there will be a messaging centre where you can use it to communicate with the potential client who connect with you. Avoid showcasing your email address and phone number in your profile as to avoid getting spam. We will email you if you have a message in your account inbox. Once you are comfortable with the potential client, you can reveal your contact and work directly with them.
Since this is public site, basically anybody. Thus, we advice you not to put your contact information in your profile. Use your messaging centre to talk to potential client. Training and coaching providers or even other trainers or coaches may contact you for opportunity. You are in total control on whether you want to work with them.
We have an extensive features/services roadmap and we are working hard to develop them. We only have one focus in mind, to make it easier for you to showcase and promote your offering. We are very excited about it. Stay tuned.
Yes, please! is for you and your business. Tell us what you want to be included, features you wish to have or any improvement ideas. Contact us at

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